20 de julio de 2015

Pedalboard Eduardo Iensen - Sesionista, The Voice Chile, Denise Rosenthal, etc.

Pedalboard Eduardo Iensen - Sesionista

Sistema en base a TC Electronic G System en un case con todo montado "plug & play". Eduardo Iensen es músico sesionista de los principales proyectos musicales de Chile, tales como The Voice Chile, Denise Rosenthal, Maca Torres, entre otros.

From top, right to left:

- Custom AB guitar input selector
- Boss TU-2 - Tuner
- "Fulltone OCD" - Drive
- "Xotic BB Preamp" - Drive
- Wampler Pinnacle - Drive
- Caroline Wave Cannon - Fuzz
- Blackstar HT-DUAL - Tube Distortion

- Dunlop 535Q - Wah Wah Groove Electronics Mod
- Ernie Ball JR - Volume
- TC Electronic G System

All pedals (except HT-DUAL) powered by G System's power outlet.

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