16 de agosto de 2014

Pedalboard Felipe Ilabaca - Chancho en Piedra


Pedalboard Felipe Ilabaca - Bass player/vocalist Chancho en Piedra

Effects and devices

Top (right to left):

- Boss LS-2
- Groove Electronics Compressor
- Groove Electronics Groovy Blender (effects blender)
- Digitech Bass Synth Wah
- EHX Qtron+ (TBP/led mod)
- EHX Bass Microsynthesizer (TBP/led and phase mod)
- EHX Bassballs (TBP/led and drive level pot mod)
- EHX Big Muff PI (TBP/led mod)

Bottom (right to left):

- Korg DT10 Tuner
- Boss ODB-3 (modified for better tone and lower noise)
- Groove Electronics Mute (mute, booster and tap tempo for DD-20)
- Moog Low Pass Filter (TBP mod)
- Boss RC-20
- Boss DD-20
- EHX Enigma QBalls

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