17 de agosto de 2014

Pedalboard Eduardo Manzi - Natalino

Pedalboard Eduardo Manzi - Natalino

Eduardo Manzi is the bass player of chilean band Natalino. The pedalboard allows two bass input and both DI and amp outputs.

Effects and devices

Top (right to left):

- Boss GEB-7 (Bass input 1)
- Groove Electronics Twin Compressor (optical twin circuit for both inputs)
- EHX MicroPog
- EHX Bass Big Muff Pi
- EHX Memory Boy
- Groove Electronics Classic Bass Chorus

Bottom (right to left):

- Boss GEB-7 (Bass input 2)
- Korg DT10 (footswitch modded as mute)
- Wave-X PXL4 (effects switcher)
- Groove Electronics mini Input selector switch
- Aguilar Filter Twin
- Mark Bass Super Booster

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