17 de agosto de 2014

Pedalboard Andrés Jeraldo - Sessionist

Pedalboard Andrés Jeraldo - Sessionist

Andrés Jeraldo's pedalboard as a sessionist with La Pozze Latina and others.

Effects and devices

Top (right to left):

- Groove Electronics Ultra Buffer (input buffer)
- Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 (Groove Electronics mod)
- TC Electronic Polytune Mini
- Xotic SP Compressor
- Arion Stereo Chorus (EWS Mod)
- Way Huge Supa Puss
- TC Electronic Flashback
- TC Electronic Hall of Fame

Bottom (right to left):

- EHX Micro Qtron
- Mooer Ninety Orange
- Fulltone Catalyst
- Xotic AC plus
- Xotic EP Booster
- Malekko Trem
- Mooer Graphic G

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